mardi 5 juin 2012

VARIOUS - MAESTRO "Blue Note Trip 10: Late Nights, Early Mornings" (2012)

Aren't you sick of the same Jazz compilations with the same (good of course) classics? Don't you want to discover something else in this big Jazz world? How about something more Funky? Add some groooooove to your Jazz collection with Netherland's D.J. Maestro and his brand new double album from his Trip serie. All of this on the best Jazz label ever; Blue Note. His Trip serie sold more than 250 000 units! In august 2011, Maestro played (or should I say spinned) his funky stuff in front of a sold out audience in Sydney, Australia. If you like Jazz, Funk and the 60's vibe, this is for you. I must admit that I have a strong preference for the first part "Late Nights", funkier than the smoother "Early Morning".

My favorite tracks in order:
Beatmaker - Doris
Lifetime Monologue - Marlena Shaw
Goin' Out Of My Head - Nancy Wilson
It's Been Done - Angela McCluskey
Blue For The Weepers - Lou Rawls