samedi 2 juin 2012

TITI ROBIN "Les rives" (2011)

"Les Rives" by Titi Robin is non less that an ambitious project of  37 songs that reflects India, Morocco and Turkey. About this album, Robin says he is honoring his ancestors, the Mediterranean culture and the Gypsy road. One of my favorite world album ever is "Gitans" by Thierry "Titi" Robin released in 1993. Since then, I follow his career although I haven't heard all of his albums. One of the finest moments is the hypnotic "Farq hai kya" almost 10 minutes on which you will hear guitar, santoor, bansuri, tablâ, tampura and chant. May I suggest to click the link below to see all the details, instruments, musicians and lyrics of "Les rives" triple album. 

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Farq hai kya
  • Akdeniz roman
  • Dabaa hua dard
  • Hindi lovari
  • Us dost ki taaslash mein
  • Memed ve seyrane
  • Farimaz - rumba türkmen