vendredi 1 juin 2012

SKY'HIGH "Forever Sky 'High" (2012)

I've always been attracted by female MCs voices. Add to this a beautiful Aussie accent and you almost got it just needs to be good...and Sky'High is really good Hip Hop. Stylish with R&B touch here and there. Her flow has a raw personnality, sometimes more spoken in your face style (Don Dada), sometimes singing just a tiny softer (The Carnival). These beats and melodies are original, smokin' hot and very addictive the more you listen too. This will be in my Top 5 Hip Hop album of 2012 for sure!


My favorite tracks in order:
  • Death Row
  • Where Ya Head At
  • The Carnival
  • So High
  • Don Dada
  • Nuclear Love