dimanche 7 octobre 2012

My Top 2012 Songs - Maryse

1.        The Carnival / Sky'High

2.        Scarlet / 2:54

3.        Lost / Blue Foundation

4.        Death Row / Sky'High

5.        Lignes d'Hydro / Lisa Leblanc

6.        Mon coeur te portera / Catherine Durand

7.        August / Catcall

8.        Genesis / Grimes

9.        Big Mouth / Santigold

10.     Loneliest Soul / Grace Potter

11.     Youth Without Youth / Metric

12.     Revolving / 2:54

13.     I'm His Girl / Friends

14.     Câlisse-moi là / Lisa Leblanc

15.     Bay Of Skaill / The Magnetic North

16.     What's The Matter / Milo Greene

17.     This Song Is Called Ragged / Jonathan Boulet

18.     Mountain Song / Of Monsters And Men

19.     Let's Have A Kiki / Scissor Sisters

20.     Bug Party / Huoratron

21.     Miriam / Norah Jones

22.     Son My Son / Milo Greene

23.     Disparate Youth / Santigold

24.     Numb / Alanis Morissette

25.     Mind Control / A Place to Bury Strangers

26.     Nightshifter / K-Holes

27.     This Is What I Meant / Anenon

28.     Move Around / Diplo feat. Elephant Man

29.     Golden Comb / The Features

30.     Crow Hill / It's A Bird! It's A Plane!

31.     Lily Of The West / Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker

32.     You Will Be Loved / Carina Round

33.     Don Dada / Sky'High

34.     Diamond / Lorn

35.     Year Of Living Dangerously / Scissor Sisters

36.     Sorry / Friends

37.     Sunday Drive / Ladyhawke

38.     Monolith / Holograms

39.     Curious / Alex Niggemann

40.     Into the Grey / Everest

41.     Weigh Me Down / Lorn

42.     St-Dad / White Lung

43.     Tell Yourself / Krief

44.     4th And Vine / Sinead O'Connor

45.     Do You Remember / Ane Brun

46.     Letters / Spring Leads You Home Tonight

47.     Javlar / Eric Prydz

48.     Express Yourself / Diplo feat. Nicky Da B

49.     Ideas On Ghosts / Friends

50.     Human / Diiv

51.     Sweet Sipping Soda / Reptar

52.     Betty Corrigall / The Magnetic North

53.     Black White & Blue / Ladyhawke

54.     Drops / iamamiwhoami

55.     Pale Horse / Smashing Pumpkins

56.     This Head I Hold / Electric Guest

57.     Rats / K-Holes

58.     Cellophane / Ladyhawke

59.     Glitter & Gold / Rebecca Ferguson

60.     Run / Kill It Kid

61.     (Drunn Pt. II) / Diiv

62.     Andrew In Drag / The Magnetic Field

63.     American Daydream / Electric Guest

64.     Godspeed Soul / Jin Choi

65.     Morning Light / Dibby Dougherty

66.     Skip Town / Aesop Rock

67.     The Paper Trench / Admiral Fallow

68.     Pray On Me / Kill It Kid

69.     Heading For The Fair / Saint Etienne

70.     World's An Addiction / Nas

71.     Lioness Eye / Xavier Rudd

72.     Without The Money / The Hives

73.     Blood For Poppies / Garbage

74.     Past Lives / Diiv

75.     Set Fire / Carina Round

76.     SW4 / Eric Prydz

77.     Good Worker / iamamiwhoami

78.     Accident Murderers / Nas

79.     How It Starts / The Features

80.     Song of Songs / The Postantike

81.     Never Disappoint / Everest

82.     Carousel / Morning Parade

83.     Don't Say No / Eleni Mandell

84.     The Ballad for Failure / The Boats

85.     Kids / The Features

86.     Bag / White Lung

87.     Shooting Star / Plasticzooms

88.     The Foundry / Gravehurst

89.     Ping Pong / Bassnectar

90.     Swimming Pools / Patrick Watson

91.     Beautiful Friction / The Fixx

92.     Bye / Dead Mellotron

93.     Corvette Cassette / Slow Magic

94.     Sea Level 2 / Simon Scott

95.     Coiffer un ours / Whourkr

96.     Hungry Ghost / Everest

97.     Back There Where I Belong / Baroness

98.     Dancer / Tiger Choir

99.     Cutty Love / Milo Greene

100.  Der Microarc / Violens

101.  Drones Over Bklyn / El-P

102.  Over Me / Lisa Marie Presley

103.  Love Has Gone / Netsky

104.  I Know How You Feel / Asia

105.  84' Dreamin / Com Truise

106.  Ashamed / Rick Ross

mardi 26 juin 2012

LITA FORD "Living Like A Runaway" (2012)

First, I didn't had high expectation. Second, I was damn curious to hear her new album. She's a Rock chick. So here is my result; digging it! The cover art couldn't fit her better. Any fan has to love this album. I really think it's one of her best in her career. I mean, what can I say; this is good Hard Rock, good melodies and good guitar riffs. Here is an inspired Lita Ford.

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Hate
  • Living Like A Runaway
  • Asylum
  • Relentless
  • A Song To Slit Your Wrist By

LORN "Ask The Dust" (2012)

Original stuff here. This is the kind of discovery that makes me happy because it's unique. Lorn got his own signature, identity, personality. The Gothic lover I used to be connects with this (even though it's not "Gothic"). This is not a happy album, darkness is the word. The ingredients of this Electronic opus is a dose of Gothic mood, a pinch of Downtempo, a tiny bit of Dubstep, a dash of Breakbeat and a scary low voice. "Diamond" seems like a possessed Downtempo electronic piece from hell. "Dead Dog" has that Breakbeat pattern that is so recognizable from early Ninja Tune artists...but darker. Loving it; a lot!

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Diamond
  • Weight Me Down
  • Everything Is Violence
  • Mercy
  • Dead Dogs

EVEREST "Ownerless" (2012)

Not in love with this whole Indie Rock album. But...loving these three songs very much...especially "Into the Grey".

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Into the Grey
  • Never Dissapoint
  • Hungry Ghost

DIIV "Oshin" (2012)

Not being a fan of the three biggest new releases of the week (Linkin Park, Maroon 5 and The Offspring), I found my joy and relief in Diiv. If you like Dream Pop and the 80's Alternative music sound; this is for you (and me!). Dreamy echoish voice (a little like The Jesus and Mary Chain , the subtle bass and atmospheric guitar but don't expect some atmospheric album, there are some rhythm and upbeat songs...with a dreamy mood. The influence The Cure might had on them is undeniable!!! Liking this album very much.

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Human
  • Past Lifes
  • Wait

dimanche 24 juin 2012

DURUTTI COLUMN "Short Stories For Pauline" (1983 / 2012)

Well, it took 29 years for this mythical album to get released. The first half is made of ambient art-rock instrumentals tracks, which I really like. Second half mostly vocal. That is great news for the fans!

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Duet
  • Destroy, She Said
  • Mirror B
  • Cocktail

ALEX NIGGEMANN "Paranoid Funk" (2012)

I completely fell in love with the second track "Curious". His sound is a good Sexy-Funky-Microhouse. I think the title of his album "Paranoid Funk" is perfect to describe the mood. Then I saw it's been released on Poker Flat; a house music label I've been trusting for years. I have to admit that I don't like all the tracks, not even most of them. But the ones I like, I need to keep in my Rdio collection. "Curious" is and will be one of my favorite House song of 2012.

My favorite tracks in order:
Easy Love
Back 2 Basics

SMASHING PUMPKINS "Oceania" (2012)

I've never been one of their fans, I respect what they do, their music is good, I know, but it just never been my cup of tea. So, that being said, I wasn't excited with this new release like fans were but I was curious to hear. I listened to the entire album once and some songs really catched my ear. At the end, I had to listen again a second time. And guess what? This might be my favorite from them and yes, there are some great tracks to be found. Great album!

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Pale Horse
  • Violet Rays
  • Quazar
  • Oceania


Seems like I've knowed her for years (O.K., months) because one of my employee was following each one of her steps on her mysterious (and amazing) YouTube music videos. I wish she would've released her album before...I'm afraid she missed a big wave. But hey, finally we can taste her music. Another addition in the big family of women-electro-pop. But again, when it's good you can't refuse. Synths are great (Good Worker), liking the original voice and the moody ambiance (Play) and I like that 80's influence. It's a keep in my Rdio collection.

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Good Worker
  • Drops
  • Idle Talk
  • Goods

JONATHAN BOULET "We Keep the Beat Found the Sound See the Need Startthe Heart (2012)

Who is that fabulous drummer? What a great drum introduction on "You're a Animal". I was already awed with the second song "This Song Is Called Ragged". I'm talking mostly about the incredible beats on this album but everything is just so good; the voice, the guitar, the recorder, the vibraphone and all the other instruments that can be found! Each and every song are a burst of liberty and joy. I can only imagine how good his live shows can be! Another great Australian release. This is an absolute feelgood album; not to be missed! Go get it! Go!

My favorite tracks in order:
  • This Song Is Called Ragged
  • Hallowed Hag
  • You're a Animal
  • Trounce
...etc, etc.

JOSIENNE CLARKE & BEN WALKER "The Seas Are Deep" (2012)

Where do I begin to as least convince you to listen to this album? Do you like Folk music? Do you like Irish music? This is all you need to know to press play. The purity of Josienne's voice, the subtle and beautiful instrumental arrangements by Ben Walker at the mandolin and guitar. Josienne playing the recorder on some of the songs. A special mention to the great addition of the cello played by Jo Silverston. No wonder why they won the 2012 Isambard Folk Award! A pure delight. After your first try; you might buy!

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Lily Of The West
  • Hares on the Mountain
  • John Riley
  • My Donal

samedi 23 juin 2012

FRIENDS "Manifest!" (2012)

Yeah! Yeah! I know. It makes you think of this and that, seems like déjà vu. We can't always reinvent the wheel and, this ain't copycat either. Now, who can resist to these infectuous songs? I can't.

My favorite tracks in order
  • Sorry
  • Ideas Of Ghosts
  • I'm This Girl
  • Va Fan Gör Du

MARLENA SHAW "The Spice Of Life" (1969)

You know that it's never too late to discover an essential album. It just happened to me. I few weeks ago, I was listening to the new Blue Note Trip serie Vol.10 with the song "Woman Of The Ghetto". I had to find more about Marlena Shaw. What a great Soul album!

My favorite tracks in order
  • Woman Of The Guetto
  • California Soul
  • I'm Satisfied

VIOLENS "True" (2012)

Were you a Jangle Pop fan in the 80's listening to The Pale Fountains, Felt and Aztec Camera (and much more)? Or a Shoegaze fan (Not My Bloody Valentine way, more Kitchen Of Distinction kinda sound). If the answer is yes, then listen to this album. Keeping it in my Rdio collection.

My favorite tracks in order
  • Der Microarc
  • Lavender Forces
  • Every Melting Degree
  • Unfolding Black Wings

vendredi 22 juin 2012

THE FEATURES "Wilderness" (2012)

It was about time I fall in love with a new release! The last 2 weeks were plenty of new releases without any love at first strike. Here it is; The Features gave me that feeling. Only two songs I didn't like, the rest are big keepers. Good Indie-Catchy-SometimesBluesy-Dirty-Garage-YouKnowWhatIMean!

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Kids
  • Golden Comb
  • How It Starts

DIPLO "Express Yourself" EP (2012)

I am not impress by the whole EP but I do like two solid tracks; "Express Yourself" (Feat. Nicky Da B) and "Move Around" (Feat. Elephant Man & GTA). I really like the Hip Hop scene that explores and blend Electronic elements. At first I was attracted by the cover thinking it could be a new EP under the Arnarchopunk Crass label...then I saw it was Diplo...not exactly the sound I expected at first! : )

RYAT "Totem" (2012)

A collegue told me; "Listen to RYAT, it sounds like Bjork meets Dubstep". He was right about the Bjork part, at least for the singing and it kind of annoys me that she sometimes sings the exact same way, too copycat for me. For the Dubstep part...not quite sure I would call it Dubstep, maybe more IDM. Still, I don't think the album is bad but something is missing here to catch my ear.

mercredi 6 juin 2012

SIMON SCOTT "Below Sea Level" (2012)

Creating ambient music may seems easy, just some floating music with minimal synth background. But creating good ambient music that almost puts you in Trance, makes you close your eyes and makes your forget about everything...that gift is not given to everybody.  Simon Scott has that gift and is a talented ambient creator. He makes me think of my favorite Gods of ambient; Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie with the addition of Minimal and Glitch elements. Simon Scott is a multi-instrumentist from Cambridge who spent two years capturing natural environnement sounds which you will hear all through the album; natural, loop or sequenced. These 7 "Sealevel" parts are a great voyage to an unknown world. Masterpiece.

mardi 5 juin 2012

VARIOUS - MAESTRO "Blue Note Trip 10: Late Nights, Early Mornings" (2012)

Aren't you sick of the same Jazz compilations with the same (good of course) classics? Don't you want to discover something else in this big Jazz world? How about something more Funky? Add some groooooove to your Jazz collection with Netherland's D.J. Maestro and his brand new double album from his Trip serie. All of this on the best Jazz label ever; Blue Note. His Trip serie sold more than 250 000 units! In august 2011, Maestro played (or should I say spinned) his funky stuff in front of a sold out audience in Sydney, Australia. If you like Jazz, Funk and the 60's vibe, this is for you. I must admit that I have a strong preference for the first part "Late Nights", funkier than the smoother "Early Morning".

My favorite tracks in order:
Beatmaker - Doris
Lifetime Monologue - Marlena Shaw
Goin' Out Of My Head - Nancy Wilson
It's Been Done - Angela McCluskey
Blue For The Weepers - Lou Rawls

dimanche 3 juin 2012

WILD FANTASY "Jungle Drums" (1978)

O.K., I was looking into this week's new releases page on Rdio streaming website when I saw this album with two women holding an african djembé. It really looked like a 70's album, indeed, this is a remastered version of 1978 Disco Wild Fantasy "Jungle Drums" album. And boy, I'm so happy I ran into this! Happy, funky, Stings, Groovy Disco sung by womens. It's hard to find informations about this group that seems to have released only one album. When we speak about Rare Disco gems, that is the perfect example. Go discover if you don't know them!
...Only one tiny disapointment, with a title like Jungle Drums and a Djembé on the cover...I would've wish to hear some of these African percussions. 

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Jungle Drums
  • Africa
  • Get It On

WHITE LUNG "Sorry" (2012)

This is the kind of Punk music I like. Energic, very raw, short songs and a rebellious spirit. This Vancouver quatuor is made of 3 woman (vocal, guitar and drums) and 1 man (bass). 2010 album "It's the Evil" has been named Punk album of the year by the Exclaim! magazine. "Sorry" is made of 10 tracks for a total of nearly 20 minutes; only killers, no fillers. I totally love this album, this will get a heavy rotation in my car and headphones!

My favorite tracks in order:
  • I rot
  • St. Dad
  • Bunny
  • Those Girls

SLEEPPERS "Keep Focus" (2012)

When listening to Sleeppers new album I made a quick research on internet to find some information on this band when I saw that they formed in 1989! How come I never heard of them? I work in a music store for more than 20 years. Oh well, it's never too late to discover! So now that I now most of their albums were released in the nineties, I do understand more their sound, which still sounds like a nineties Noise-Rock band. The album could please all fans of that genre and even Grunge and Screamo fans. It takes more than one time to appreciate the depth of their sixth album. Not an album that would end up in my top album of 2012 but if I feel like listening Noise Rock, I might press play on this album from my Rdio collection.. I do think that some of their guitar riffs and vocal melodies have a lack of originality (Blackout, Anchored) and that depends of the song because on the other hand, some of their songs do have some great riffs and melodies (Skin, Divide) . Like I said, the more you listen, the more you appreciate...we'll see at the end of the year how often I will listen to "Keep Focus"...I might surprise myself!

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Skin
  • Divide
  • Keep Focus
  • 23 (Enigma)

samedi 2 juin 2012

TITI ROBIN "Les rives" (2011)

"Les Rives" by Titi Robin is non less that an ambitious project of  37 songs that reflects India, Morocco and Turkey. About this album, Robin says he is honoring his ancestors, the Mediterranean culture and the Gypsy road. One of my favorite world album ever is "Gitans" by Thierry "Titi" Robin released in 1993. Since then, I follow his career although I haven't heard all of his albums. One of the finest moments is the hypnotic "Farq hai kya" almost 10 minutes on which you will hear guitar, santoor, bansuri, tablâ, tampura and chant. May I suggest to click the link below to see all the details, instruments, musicians and lyrics of "Les rives" triple album. 

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Farq hai kya
  • Akdeniz roman
  • Dabaa hua dard
  • Hindi lovari
  • Us dost ki taaslash mein
  • Memed ve seyrane
  • Farimaz - rumba türkmen

WU MAN "Music Of Central Asia Vol.10 - Borderlands"

This album called Borderlands is a blend I've never heard before; Pipa played by the master of it's instrument Wu Man with Muslim Uyghur musicians from Northern China. This album is an historic collaboration between two different cultures living in the same big country of China. I have a big respect for the Smithsonian Folkways record label. For years they recorded people's music, deep in their countries, all around the globe.

Favorite tracks in order:
  • Shadiana (Celebration)
  • Kurt Naxshisi (Song of the Kurds)
  • Hanleylun

2:54 "2:54" (2012)

I am such a Shoegaze fan. When the first note of "Revolving" began, I just knew it would be my kind of music; Atmospheric guitar, Ethereal woman's voice, heavy bass, simple drums...no synthetizers here. This album brings me back to the best years of Shoegaze in the early nineties. Don't get me wrong, 2:54 doesn't sound old, I'm just happy to find a brand new Shoegaze album to drop in my ears. If you like Shoegaze, this album is simply a must in your collection.


My favorite tracks in order:
  • Revolving
  • Scarlet
  • Sugar
  • You're Early
  • Ride
  • A Salute

YELLO "You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess" (1983)

"You gotta say yes to another excess" is my favorite album from this original swedish duo. They just know how to create cool tribal beats (Crash Dance, Great Mission), jazzy beats (Swing) and Synth-Pop coolness (I Love You). The innovation and the humour in their music makes them a unique pair. They influenced many artists like The Pet Shop Boys. "I Love You" with the modified voice of Boris Blank has been a hit in 80's alternative clubs and charts. My favorite is "Lost Again"; a Synth-Pop sensual jem. I absolutely love the hilarious "Great Mission" followed by "You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess" with plenty of tribal beats and jungle sounds and of top of this, a very funny storyteller tells a jungle story, I can't help but smile when I hear the (lyrics) ...Father of excess that jumps out of the water of Amazons full of piranhas...; must hear. This is an album that is entirely excellent, no need to skip a song. If the Amazonian Forest would have an 80's Synth-Pop band, I wish it would sound like this!

Favorite tracks in order:
  • Lost Again
  • I Love You
  • Smile On You
  • Crash Dance

vendredi 1 juin 2012

DZ Deathrays "Bloodstreams" (2012)

Dance-Punk, Noise-Rock, Thrash-Pop, name it! One thing I can tell you for sure, this music is far from being annoying. Bang your head with DZ Deathrays, a great Australian band that is just perfect to fit a good airplay in my car this summer. Great Garage Rock sound with an Electronica kick in the butt...and a Punk attitude.

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Teenage Kickstarts
  • Dollar chills
  • LA Lightning
  • Play Dead Until You're Dead
  • Brain

REBECCA FERGUSON "Heaven" (2012)

It's undeniable, you will say "This sounds like Adele (or Duffy)" and maybe it will annoys you. Maybe you'll say "Oh, just another X Factor wannabe talent". But the real question here is; is it good? Is it good music? Does she have a good voice? The answer might be yes, so enjoy a talented woman who's got voice and a good Neo-Soul album.

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Fighting Suspicions
  • Glitter & Gold
  • Shoulder To Shoulder
  • Diamond To Stone
  • Backtrack

SKY'HIGH "Forever Sky 'High" (2012)

I've always been attracted by female MCs voices. Add to this a beautiful Aussie accent and you almost got me...now it just needs to be good...and Sky'High is really good Hip Hop. Stylish with R&B touch here and there. Her flow has a raw personnality, sometimes more spoken in your face style (Don Dada), sometimes singing just a tiny softer (The Carnival). These beats and melodies are original, smokin' hot and very addictive the more you listen too. This will be in my Top 5 Hip Hop album of 2012 for sure!


My favorite tracks in order:
  • Death Row
  • Where Ya Head At
  • The Carnival
  • So High
  • Don Dada
  • Nuclear Love

mercredi 30 mai 2012

SCISSOR SISTERS "Magic Hour" (2012)

Don't we need a good Dance-Pop album? This is what we need. They've done it again. Infectious chorus, infectious beats. Makes you wanna dance and sing. (I just wonder why they put "Baby Come Home" as their first song...not representavite and little boring to introduce this album.) Many great songs here: "Keep Your Shoes", "Inevitable", "Year Of Living Dangerously", "Let's Have A Kiki" (So gay, so Drag Queen; love it!), "Shady Love", "Self Control" (O.K., it sounds like Robin S). This album is way beyond my expectations. Pump up the volume!

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Let's Have A Kiki
  • Shady Love
  • Year Of Living Dangerously
  • Keep Your Shoes
  • Inevitable