mardi 26 juin 2012

LORN "Ask The Dust" (2012)

Original stuff here. This is the kind of discovery that makes me happy because it's unique. Lorn got his own signature, identity, personality. The Gothic lover I used to be connects with this (even though it's not "Gothic"). This is not a happy album, darkness is the word. The ingredients of this Electronic opus is a dose of Gothic mood, a pinch of Downtempo, a tiny bit of Dubstep, a dash of Breakbeat and a scary low voice. "Diamond" seems like a possessed Downtempo electronic piece from hell. "Dead Dog" has that Breakbeat pattern that is so recognizable from early Ninja Tune artists...but darker. Loving it; a lot!

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Diamond
  • Weight Me Down
  • Everything Is Violence
  • Mercy
  • Dead Dogs