dimanche 3 juin 2012

SLEEPPERS "Keep Focus" (2012)

When listening to Sleeppers new album I made a quick research on internet to find some information on this band when I saw that they formed in 1989! How come I never heard of them? I work in a music store for more than 20 years. Oh well, it's never too late to discover! So now that I now most of their albums were released in the nineties, I do understand more their sound, which still sounds like a nineties Noise-Rock band. The album could please all fans of that genre and even Grunge and Screamo fans. It takes more than one time to appreciate the depth of their sixth album. Not an album that would end up in my top album of 2012 but if I feel like listening Noise Rock, I might press play on this album from my Rdio collection.. I do think that some of their guitar riffs and vocal melodies have a lack of originality (Blackout, Anchored) and that depends of the song because on the other hand, some of their songs do have some great riffs and melodies (Skin, Divide) . Like I said, the more you listen, the more you appreciate...we'll see at the end of the year how often I will listen to "Keep Focus"...I might surprise myself!

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Skin
  • Divide
  • Keep Focus
  • 23 (Enigma)