vendredi 13 décembre 2013

ONSLAUGHT “Power From Hell” (1985)

You know, even if I was a big Heavy Metal listener in the mid-late 80’s, it doesn’t mean I listened to them all.  We didn’t have Internet and I was living in a small village (300) near a small town (40000).  This week while listening to a classic Slayer record on Rdio I looked to the similar bands suggestions and clicked on Onslaught, which I only knew by name.  My very first reaction was, Wow! I really wish I knew this band in the 80’s! Totally my genre.  And further in the album I thought, this guy sings like someone I know very well.  Then it came to me.  Paul Mahoney sings like GBH singer Colin Abrahall!  In fact, Onslaught sounds like GBH but plays their instruments like a Thrash Metal band…or vice versa…you know what I mean?  Huge Punk influence, perfect blend of Thrash and Punk. Great record…btw!