jeudi 5 décembre 2013

BEASTMILK "Climax" (2013)

Another band that is taking their influence from the 80’s Post Punk, Alternative and Goth wave.  Yes it’s easy to compare to some 80’s bands and singers.  And you know what?  I love it!  I don’t care about copycats as long as it’s good.  And Beastmilk isn’t copycat anyway.  I prefer to say they’ve been influenced by the generation X movement.  So what about this album besides the fact that it’s one of the best of 2013 (hell yeah!)?  Let’s take the energy of Post Punk and the sound of Alternative (80%), drop a small dose of Goth in the way he sings and the melodic lines (20%) and you got a perfect mix.  One last thing, I can guarantee you it’s not a boring album, some great upbeat anthems in here.

What your favorite track from this album?