mercredi 30 mai 2012

SCISSOR SISTERS "Magic Hour" (2012)

Don't we need a good Dance-Pop album? This is what we need. They've done it again. Infectious chorus, infectious beats. Makes you wanna dance and sing. (I just wonder why they put "Baby Come Home" as their first song...not representavite and little boring to introduce this album.) Many great songs here: "Keep Your Shoes", "Inevitable", "Year Of Living Dangerously", "Let's Have A Kiki" (So gay, so Drag Queen; love it!), "Shady Love", "Self Control" (O.K., it sounds like Robin S). This album is way beyond my expectations. Pump up the volume!

My favorite tracks in order:
  • Let's Have A Kiki
  • Shady Love
  • Year Of Living Dangerously
  • Keep Your Shoes
  • Inevitable

SAINT ETIENNE "Words And Music By Saint Etienne" (2012)

Saint-Étienne: I love them since their first album "Foxbase Alpha" in 1991. I'm also a big fan of their 1998 "Good Humor" album. I was very anxious and excited to hear this new one. When the first track started I was like "Oh! This is going to be good". Then when I heard the second track I told myself "Ohhhh, I'm not sure anymore". THEN, this third track: another wow! So you see, this is the kind of album. Outstanding songs and so-so songs. It's really good but not equally good all the way.

MELODY GARDOT "The Absence" (2012)

Her second album was different than her first and this third is different than her first two albums without loosing her identity. I have a huge respect for curious artists like Gardot that does not fear changes. Here she explores Samba, Bossa and Fado her own way. Don't expect her to sing or sound like Amalia Rodrigues or Astrud Gilberto. The instrumentation is beautiful as well as her unique voice.

lundi 28 mai 2012

SLOW MAGIC "Triangle" (2012)

Could they be influenced by Human League (Looks like "Travelogue" image cover, "Feel Flows" synthetiser)? Could be and it's a good thing. Is it just another hypnotic-electronic band? Maybe. I hear a lot of these sounds lately but, I'm enjoying this album a lot. That's what counts.


I like IDM when there is a melody in it (yes, it's possible), not just chaos. In "Quarrel", the beat is IDM ans the atmospheric guitar sounds like some Ethereal and/or Shoegaze. Will it make my top 10 of the year? No. Is it good? Yes, definitely.


EL-P "Cancer 4 Cure" (2012)

When the first Breakbeat track "Request Denied" began, I was wondering if I was really listening to EL-P. Yes I was! With this new album, EL-P makes quality Hip Hop, sick beats and combines Breakbeat elements to give an album with his own identity, no copycat...he never did anyway! His flow his intense, sincere and right on the beat. One of my favorite Hip Hop album of the year for sure!

GARBAGE "Not Your Kind Of People" (2012)

What do I think of this fifth studio Garbage album when my favorite is still the first one? Well, not that bad would be my first thought. Some songs are really good (Big Bright World, Felt) and some sounds very Garbage a.k.a. the guitar in "Blood For Poppies" and "Battle In Me". I'm not awed by this album we're been waiting for seven years, but it's good.

KIMBRA "Vows" (2011)

She's got a cool jazzy timber in her voice. The music is good Electropop bonbon with some retro-soul touch (Cameo Lover, Good Talent). I'm liking the 80's Synthpop "Warrior", a little different from the rest of the album. Good for ears, good for the soul.

dimanche 27 mai 2012

SOLAR FIELDS "Random Friday" (2012)

Listening to "Random Friday" is like hearing a story in 9 chapters. It begins with the hypnotic and ambient "Light Control" and progressively the deep bass will make one with the atmospheric trance sound. It ends beautifully with the ambient "Polarity".

samedi 26 mai 2012


Big musical change for The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Forget the Neo Psychedelic Rock sound we're used from them, they're now flirting with Worldmusic and boy, it sounds so good! It's got Middle east, India sounds mixted with some 70s Sunshine Pop vibe...oh, and jungle animal sounds, yeah! I definitely like love it.


SANTIGOLD "Master Of My Make-Believe" (2012)

I wasn't expecting this album to be better than 2008 "Santogold" first album. I was happy to hear that she raised the bar higher to give an album with more adventurous beats, even more catchy and still being; Santigold. Yep, this will end in my 2012 favorites!

GRIMES "Visions" (2012)

Hypnotic, Electronic, dreamy, four on the floor, weird, dark...just so good. Grimes is Claire Boucher and Claire Boucher is a wonderful musical talent from Montreal, glad to say! This album is a gem.                                                                                     


vendredi 25 mai 2012

SERGIO MENDES "Brasileiro" (1991)

This Brazilian album is a masterpiece and this song can raise any roof! A must in every World music collection.

EYUPHURO "Mama Mosambiki" (1993)

This is the album that made me discover the beautiful world of African music. I still love this album like the day I bought the CD in early 90. An album filled with true emotions.

BLUE FOUNDATION "In My Mind I Am Free" (2012)

The more I listen, the more I like. Will it end up in my 2012 top list? No. But some tracks are worth it like "Lost" featuring Sara Savery. A good Electronic-Dream Pop album. No more, no less.

INFECTED MUSHROOM "Army of Mushrooms" (2012)

I raise my hat to Infected Mushroom; a well established band in the Psychedelic Trance scene for making a drastic move to Dubstep. This is courageous. Do I love the album? No. Do I like it? Yes...but it's just a question of taste because it is well done as usual. My favorite without a doubt (which I love) is "U R So Fucked".

BASSNECTAR "Vava Voom" (2012)

I never knew the sound of a Ping Pong ball could sound so amazing! Well done Bassnectar!

CARINA ROUND "Tigermending" (2012)

I can't say I'm in love with the whole album but I am deeply in love with this ambient and dark song. You can almost feel yourself floating with the music. Beautiful.
I know the secret of drowning. It's to stay calm and not panic

CATCALL "The Warmest Place" (2012)

Highly influenced by the 80's, Catcall is pure bonbon. Very well done Indie Pop with some touches of Kylie Minogue and Bat For Lashes. You can say she listened to a lot of good New Wave music.            


NORAH JONES "...Little broken hearts" (2006)

I can now say that this is my favorite album from Norah Jones. Have you listened to "Miriam" lyrics? This has to be one of the best cheating song I've ever heard.
I've punished him for being to weak. Now I've saved the best for you.

WHOURKR "4247 Snare Drums" (2012)

This french duo made the impossible possible. Blending perfertly Metal Grindcore with Electronic elements like Jungle beats or Techno Hardcore beats. Oh yeah, and add some Avant Garde saxophone. Cybergrind from Cyberhell!

mercredi 23 mai 2012

K-HOLES "Dismania" (2012)

Imagine...The noise of Sonic youth (plus, female and male singing) and the energy of The Dead Kennedy's. A return to the good sound of early 80's Post Punk.